I have been a customer of Odessa's Beauty Salon for 18 years and since the age of twelve years old and I have had the pleasure of having Odessa as my stylist. Her magical hands have been there for me through birthday parties, proms, and even my wedding day. No matter what my hair care needs are, the staff at Odessa's Beauty Salon has been able to provide the best service. The environment is always clean, safe, and sanitary and no matter if you are a regular customer or a first time client you will always feel welcomed.

Marinda Jacobs
Social Worker

My name is Cheri Pollard and I have been a loyal client of Odessa's Beauty Salon over 10 years. I was introduced to Odessa by a relative after unsuccessfully being able to find a salon that was personable as well as professional. I wanted a stylist who was truly interested in my hair and willing to give me the best advice about hair care as it pertained to me.

I immediately took a liking to Odessa. I liked her honestly, humor, and compassion. Along with the professionalism of her salon.  If you are someone in search for a perfect salon with perfect stylists able to give you that perfect hair-do for a perfectly planned occasion, I strongly recommend Odessa's Beauty Salon.
Cheri Pollard

My 12 plus years of patronage at Odessa's Beauty Salon continues with a steadfast loyalty.  Odessa and her staff have earned and certainly deserve special recognition.  Why? First and foremost they are excellent in there craft as a hairstylist.  They are observant, they listen and are able to deliver exactly what the customer request.  there knowledge, sincerity and integrity are also part of the success of addressing customerís needs. They are able to communicate beneficial recommendations that ensure treatment and sustained health of the hair.

Customer focus is another attribute worthy of recognition as it is not unusual for the salon to provide treats or a catered dinner to show appreciation.  It is not only appreciated as an act of kindness but is also an opportunity to fellowship with others. 

Anyone who is in search of a salon and stylist that are professional, trustworthy and provide a welcoming customer environment, while efficiently managing time deserves to sit in a chair at Odessa's Beauty Salon.
Tracey Sanford
Dental Assistant